Our History

My husband and I opened the store in mid 2008 when the only other Christian Bookstore in the area closed its doors earlier that year leaving an opportunity for something I had felt God leading me to for just over a year. It was an exciting and at sometimes scary adventure going from a background in childcare to owning my own bookstore business but God has given me an unexplainable peace and joy through the whole journey. It was amazing to have the opportunity to expand our small 400 sq. ft. store in August 2010 to our amazing new space we are in now which is over 1300 sq. ft. This larger space also allows me to bring my two amazing sons to work with me when I can and that has been a huge blessing. I opened my store in a time where many things were hurting the small bookstore industry (internet buying, lower costs in USA, and global recession) and some new bumps along the way (e-books) but God has put a passion in me for this business and that along with the amazing people I get to see spend time with on a regular basis is what keeps me going. My customers are my friends and my business is a ministry.